Alexa tts

hello friends, I'm trying to make a beep when we open a door, that beep is a custom sound, I have it in the file manager, but when I create a rule, when I put the http address, it doesn't do anything, I don't know it emits the sound through my alexa, could you tell me what is the problem or what is the solution? here is a picture of the ruler

AFAIK, Alexa doesn't support playing user provided mp3 files.


what a disappointment, I'm sad

There are many sound skills, you could trigger a routine to play those.

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illuminate the way to the light!!

this uses the sound effects skill.

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but that is not HE that is amazon alexa, I want from HE and put music that I want or the sound that I want

What you're asking for can't be done. The above can though... You can get one of the Tuya sirens that you can load the internal sd card with custom sounds.


Well, if you use Echo Speaks, you can create actions to play audio in your Amazon library. Might not be exactly what you want.


I have a siren of yours zigbee, I'll try the card thing!