Alexa to trigger RM Rule for Garage door?

Currently Alexa can see my HE devices and scenes, but can it be made that Alexa can trigger HE rules?

Example - I want to be able to say "close the garage door" and so Alexa would trigger the "close garage" rule that checks to see if it's open first and then closes it.

Is this possible?

Hi, I tend to have a virtual switch trigger the rule. Use Alexa to trigger the virtual switch


Right, I did think of that, but I was hoping there was a more elegant solution than creating multiple virtual switches for ever rule I want Alexa to be able to trigger.

Thank you.

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It really isn't that inelegant already. You create the virtual switch and add it to the Amazon Echo Skill all within Hubitat. No need to do anything on the Alexa side.

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No I get it, it's not hard, just saying that adding a virtual device for every rule you want executed via Alexa seems inefficient.

Would be cleaner if Alexa could have visibility to RM rules and simply execute those.

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if you're running a rule on HE, there's no way to pass that to Alexa. the only way (as everyone else stated) is to use a virtual switch to trigger it

if you wanted to do a group on the other hand, you could create that in Alexa and then control it all by the group. alternatively you could re-create the rule as a routine in Alexa, then trigger that with a single command as well

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i have this with my alexa by using a virtual switch to control it. when the door opens, the switch turns on (and vice versa). if i tell alexa to close the garage, she turns off the virtual switch. i then have a rule that checks if it's open. if it is, it triggers my relay to close the door. same with open (check if it's closed, then close it). not sure if that would work for you

Thanks, got it working with virtual switch, though that is still not my preferred method.