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I haven't been able to have alexa skill work as expected. I get to turn on/off devices using voice commands, but Alexa keeps adding, after executing the proper command, the following sentence : "Sorry [device_name] is not responding". I have posted about this already but never got an answer... Any idea? Does it happen to other people?

Are you also using the TTS skill ?

When Alexa performs the requested task, but still responds with the "device is not responding", it means that Alexa timed out while waiting to the status of the device change (even though it really did.)

So, the question is...What devices are you having this problem with? What Drivers are you using with these devices?

As a simple test, you could "Add a Virtual Device" using the 'Virtual Dimmer" driver. Then, expose that device to Alexa via the "Amazon Echo Skill" App. Once discovered by Alexa, try issuing a command to that virtual device to see if you still receive the "Device is not responding" response from Alexa. If not, then the problem lies within the specific device/driver combination you're using, in terms of the status not being updated in a timely manner.

Thank you @ogiewon,

I have run this test, in a way, several times actually, for I use some virtual devices, especially dimmers so I can set the temperature on thermostats using a little app of my own. And, indeed, they do respond ok.

Now, it appears that I'm having this issue with Generic Zwave Smart Switch driving the old Aeon Smart Power Meter Switches for which, apparently, Hubitat doesn't carry any driver, in one instance, and in another instance, with "Generic Z-wave Dimmer", the latter having been automatically registered as such at pairing. I just sent a cmd right now and got the same message again. Sadly, nothing appear in the logs beside the "SetPowerLevel100", sent 3 times over with almost exactly 60ms intervals each time...

app:3892019-07-14 01:44:24.620 pm traceSetPowerLevel 100
app:3892019-07-14 01:44:24.567 pm traceSetPowerLevel 100
app:3892019-07-14 01:44:24.507 pm traceSetPowerLevel 100
--- Live Log Started, waiting for events ---

I'm going to try a different driver for the dimmer. Regarding the Aeon Smart Power Meter Switch, there's not much I can do...

Thank you again!

So it appears I shouldn't use "Generic Z-Wave Dimmer/Switch" but "Generic Smart Dimmer/Switch" with my devices. It works now. Thanks a lot @ogiewon.

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Awesome! Glad to hear you’ve found a solution.

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What if I can’t even control a virtual switch?

I would recommend you contact in that case.