Alexa Skill - Thermostats [RESOLVED]

+1 Here. This would be so amazing.

+1 here also, this is a major drawback after migrating all of my 150+ devices from ST.

+1 for thermostat and Alexa

Full converted to HA would love to fully decommission my ST and WINK hubs but this is a core feature

What’s the latest as of January 2020 on getting this Alexa integration working?

No idea. However, it is pretty easy to use a combination of momentary switches and RM to get Alexa to nudge the temperature up or down (I use this). Or a virtual dimmer and RM and set the temperature to a desired value (easily done - see below). Or virtual switches and RM to switch between heating & cooling.

Edit: Here's a quick rule I threw together to use a dimmer to set the Thermostat temperature for all dimmer values between 68 and 75 (i.e. the temperature range I want my house to be in). Also don't want an accidental Alexa command to set the house to 10F or 90F.

I am now mostly migrated from Smartthings myself when I read into this issue when my Alexa could not discover my thermostat. So far, I like the way Hubitat operates WAY better than Samsung and I like the backups,

I should have read up on this thermostat topic first it would seem... I did check that my CM101 was supported before migrating, but I neglected to dig deep enough to discover that I would lose Alexa voice control. Bummer, lost maybe 30% WAF on this issue alone.

Honestly, I would probably have rebuilt my system on Samsung (my other option) if I knew i would lose voice control of my thermostat control in the move. We used it constantly. I hate having to log into the hub or app to change the temp.

May have to leave the SmartThings plugged in just for thermostat control... And I had so looked forward to taking it to the driveway and beating it with a sledgehammer.

For the record, I'd be temporarily satisfied with even just "Alexa set the thermostat to XX" for a start.

Otherwise, I love my Hubitat so far. Range is much lower, but easy to get around my planning repeaters as needed. I have a lot of z-wave devices with repeaters so that was easy for z-wave mesh. For zigbee (which I disliked - at least on SmartThings - too new to say on Hubitat) I had to buy/add some zigbee AC devices to repeat to the far ends of my house. Hubitat (located in the exact spot SmartThings was) can't seem to make the journey.

Here's an alternative. Use HubConnect to share your Hubitat-paired thermostat with SmartThings as a HubConnect Virtual Thermostat.

Then use the Alexa SmartThings skill to control the HubConnect Virtual Thermostat with Alexa, which will magically use HubConnect to control your physical Hubitat-paired thermostat.

Note - this does not require your ST hub to be plugged it (after initially setting HubConnect).

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I am using Homebridge with the Hubitat Makerapi and Homebridge Alexa plugins which does support thermostats instead of using Hubitat's native Alexa support. This way, I can also control my thermostat along with all other regular Hubitat devices. Works great!


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Hi guys. I have been away for awhile so sorry if it's been addressed. It has been quite sometime. I was just wondering if we could get alexa thermostat control prioritized sometime soon?

I can second that lol. Once I noticed that thermostat control wasn't yet supported it was quite disappointing.

I'd love to be able to have Alexa read the current temperature on a sensor or thermostat. My Honeywell temps can be read, but that is via the Honeywell Skill. Currently there doesn't appear to be a way via the Hubitat Skill. So, I created a Virtual thermostat, which I loaded the temp from a sensor and added to the list of Alexa devices. No go. Added the virtual thermostat to Google Home, and I can get the temp to be announced, but GH also informs me that the thermostat is set to off! I simply want a temperature.

Sooooo, I had to create a Rube Goldbergish solution to ask Alexa to "report garage freezer temperature" that turns on virtual switch, that triggers a rule to put the temperature into a global variable and then have Chromecast Integration have my Google mini devices announce the temp. Ugggg ... works, but unclean!

Hey @aaiyar, I know this is an older thread but what is your virtual thermostat? Is that a combined thermostat for your whole house?

Do you have an example of your rule for moving the temperature up or down on your thermostats?


That was just a sample virtual thermostat I made to write that rule as an example ....

I apologize, I see that in your note now. After toying and reading a bit more I see how your local variable comes into play. Never would have gotten that without your example. Thank you!


No apologies needed!

P.S. Glad it was useful ...


@bcopeland Is Alexa Thermostat skill on the roadmap?

Thermostat support was added to the Alexa skill in version 2.2.2 of the hub firmware, which was released a month ago.

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Yup. Works for me.

looks like I was out of the loop on that!

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Running Has anyone else had an issue with the Amazon Echo Skill not working correctly with Virtual Thermostat devices? Using the basic thermostat integration, the device will show current status in the Alexa app, and will allow manipulation of the set-point, but eventually the set-point goes back and you get a message indicating device unresponsive.

If you, instead, use the advanced thermostat integration from the amazon echo skill app, all three (set-point, cool-set-point, and heat-set-point) show in the Alexa app, as well as status of the thermostat, but that is it. Shown set-points and status are static and non-interactive. When you attempt to adjust via voice, you again get the reply that the device is unresponsive.

With actual thermostats, this doesn't seem to be an issue. I just wanted to be able to play around with the new feature without having to cycle my AC/Heat constantly. Any ideas? I did a few searches, but couldn't really find anything on this.

I see the same non-controllable behavior with the advanced thermostat integration in