Alexa Skill not working but Alexa App does

When I use Alexa skill in Hubitat, i can control everything with the Alexa app but Alexa voice control says device isn't responding and device doesn't turn off/on. This is all devices, not just one. When I then uninstall and then use the old app, voice control works fine. Has anyone else had this issue? What am i missing if I just continue to use the older skill? I noticed that the z-wave sensors don't pop up as an option for Alexa to control.

I just got the Hubitat a couple of days ago and the app worked for the 1st 24 hours. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the skill in Alexa's mobile app, re-booted the Hubitat hub, forgot and re-discovered all Alexa devices, etc but nothing.

I tried to search for a solution but my search terms are too common and thousands of threads come up that are not related to my problem.

If you are trying to use the skill, delete everything in HE for Alexa and everything in Alexa for Hubitat. Then go into the Alexa app on your phone and add Hubitat that way. It will automatically install the Alexa skill on your HE hub. Then choose the devices you want to sync and done. You should be good to go.

I removed the Alexa app in HE, deleted all of the devices in the Alexa app on my phone, disabled the skill, re-enabled the skill, selected allowable devices, discovered devices and still get the "device isn't responding" and won't turn turn off or on. The Alexa phone app did install the skill in HE.

Does your hub have internet access? Can you control from a cloud dashboard?

I think you might be on the right path. My internet is working because I am able to post on this site. However, when I logged off wifi with my phone and tried to change switches with cloud dashboard, it didn't work with everything. I could change one z-wave light and my z-wave thermostat. The hub works internally so it is plugged in correctly but I am not sure why the hub could not get out onto the internet when everything else can. If i push buttons in the Alexa app on my phone, i can change lights and switches; it's only when I use my voice that I get error messages. Is there a way to monitor if the hub has consistent internet access?

When I am on cell data and in the Alexa app, I can change lights thru Hubitat. Also, Alexa can give me other internet updates like weather, sports scores, etc.

I would contact support. You've got something going on that has nothing to do with Alexa if your dashboards are also intermittent.

Thank you for the help. In the meantime, what I am I missing out on if I just use the older Alexa app within HE in the meantime instead of the new & improved Alexa skill within HE?

You’re missing quite a bit without using the Alexa Skill. No contact and motion sensors as triggers for Alexa Routines. I believe no color control, just basic switches and dimmers, IIRC, and probably a few more things.

Interesting.... I am switching over from SmartThings and really only used the switches and dimmers anyway. Thanx to all for the help.

I am in the exact same boat as you. Migrated everything over from ST, Alexa app on phone seems to be able to control all my devices, but Alexa devices in my house can't seem to connect to some/most devices. For instance, I have a few Leviton z-wave dimmer plugs that work just fine in the Alexa app, but when I ask Alexa to "Set nightstand lights to 50%" is get "Nightstand lights doesn't support that".

Any clues on how to get all devices working by voice with Alexa?

Are you using the “Amazon Echo Skill” within Hubitat to provide the integration with your Eco devices? Also, the Leviton Z-Wave switches are known to require a firmware upgrade in order to report their status updates to Hubitat correctly. This is often the source of Alexa issues when trying to control these Leviton switches.

Yes, I'm using Amazon Echo Skill. At first I installed the Amazon Echo App b/c it was listed first in the apps list and I didn't know any better. After removing the deprecated app and removing all devices from HE, I added the Amazon Echo Skill.

I don't suppose there's a straightforward way to update the firmware on these Leviton Z-wave dimmers, is there?

FYI - the dimmers I'm using are the Leviton VRPD3 model. I have 5 or 6 or them scattered about the house.

Did you also enable the Hubitat Skill inside the Alexa Mobile Phone App? Just checking to make sure as that step is sometimes missed. In fact, doing so will also automatically install the correct App on your Hubitat hub.

If you decide to try the IFTTT Integration, it works the same way. Just add Hubitat as a service within IFTTT and the correct app will be installed on your Hubitat hub.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any firsthand experience with those Leviton switches. There are some threads that discuss the process here in the community.

Yeah, I installed the skill on my phone right after intalling the skill on HE.

My issue was that my wife and I have separate Amazon accounts. When I discover devices on my phone while in my account, it doesn't update the devices in wife's account. I have no idea why Alexa works like that. As soon as i switched to my account on Echo Show, it worked. Then I ran "discover" with wife's iPhone so device list was same and the HE Alexa skill worked no matter which account we were in on Show.

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I’m confused - the Leviton z waves reported just fine with Alexa to Wink with the older firmware.

Is there a way to have Hubitat accept the older Leviton firmware so that it works properly with Alexa. Like many others it works great by the app and when I use the skill, it responds but says “Bedroom, doesn’t support that”

You should not have to update the firmware to get the switch to work correctly with Alexa. Does the switch work correctly from the edit device page in Hubitat?

Older Leviton switches do not report status updates correctly to Hubitat using old Leviton firmware. Updating the Leviton firmware allows these switches to work properly with Hubitat, and thus with Alexa as well.