Alexa skill available in uk

Not quite got it working yet though...get an unauthorised message when trying to enable.

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Got it working, usefully if you try and create a new account it tells you which login service you used. I was using the wrong one.

Is the skill available in the UK using a UK account?

For me yes using the latest version of Alex a app, seems it just reused all the old devices so no tidy up either.

Just update the Alexa App 2 days ago, still no skill available. Guess Canada is going to have to wait a little longer.

Showing for me now UK version on Android.

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No such luck on this side of the pond.

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Failed on first attempt but then linked when I tried again.

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YEAAAH at last!! I can switch my Amazon accounts now, and maybe (just maybe) Alexa will start understanding me again :smiley:

Not true, had to delete the old devices and let them be redicovered. Much cleaner though. All i want now is to be able to trigger alexa notifications when hubitat devices change state.

I’ve been testing this for a few days with @ravi.pejavar and @chuck.schwer.
It’s been working really well for me.
I didn’t realised it had been approved by Amazon already

Brilliant work @ravi.pejavar @chuck.schwer and the rest of the team.



Does it have thermostat support?
Maybe allow for routines in Alexa?
It's fine if you don't know, just curious.

Well not all systems go after all here. I'm having issues with Uk Skill it's not discovering all my devices and most of the time they show as offline. anyone else getting the same?

I just installed a virtual thermostat to test this.
It does not appear in the alexa app so no, I don’t believe HE supports this yet.
Routines in alexa work with any device it knows about and seems to work fine for controlling HE devices.


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Hi Andy, you saying routines work with devices connected through HE? I don't see the HE devices in the routine section.


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Open alexa app and go to...
Click the + to add a new routine.
Then: ‘Add action’
Then: ‘Smart Home”
Then: ‘Control Device’

You should now be able to select you devices (including HE devices)

Works for me! :slight_smile:


Thanks Andy, you are right they are there - I never got that far as I want them on the trigger side. I do not really have anything that's useful to trigger off at the moment and this was how I was thinking I would get Alexa to talk to me. I keep looking at your 'Message Central' as know that would give me what I want, but think I would need a secondary device to run additional components - I am trying to avoid this.

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Jim, what are you actually trying to achieve?

I use alexa for controlling pretty much everything that is not 100% automated
Like at night I say “goodnight’” to alexa and the tv and almost of the lights go out (except the hall and landing which come on at 25%, for two minutes, so I can walk to bed without tripping over :slight_smile:)

Message Central is only any good if you have speakers and want the house to say something
Here are the things I use it for at the moment...

Maybe I need to think differently. Currently I use alexa and attach devices to the groups. So I say 'Alexa downstairs off' and she turns everything off in that group. What I want is Alexa to say 'There is motion outside' when one of my virtual switches (connected to arlo via IFTT) in HE gets triggered. I do hear what you are saying though in theory I can do more sophisticated things by using keywords as actions - I will give it a try with a goodnight routine.

I think I probably need to either invest in Sonos or leave another machine running somewhere else to control these additional components. I just think it should be possible (amazon accepting) for me to do this with the devices I have already.