Alexa says devices aren't responding

Just started happening. Alexa is not recognizing any of my devices.

I can control them all from their device pages.

Is anyone else having this issue? How can I debug?

Rebooted the hub, now things are working.

Scary--only had things working for a couple of weeks. Hope this isn't going to happen often.

It’s happened to me as well. Only once so far in a month. I did the same thing, I rebooted the hub and everything worked OK. But it does create some concern.

Probably Alexa. She seems to suffer from a lot of memory loss


Do you have a DHCP reservation for your Hubitat hub in your router? Keeping your hub’s IP constant can help keep it consistently connected to the Hubitat cloud server, and consequently the Alexa servers.

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She either plays dumb, or she is an airhead too. "I don't know what went wrong" right after the light goes on. She even looked for ceiling fan music for me the other day instead of turning on the damn fan! Crazy part was she actually found a ceiling fan song.

I think she is a blonde.


Yes, I have a DHCP reservation for the Hubitat.

That is hilarious!

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Happened again last night. Nothing was responding.

Rebooted Hubitat, and all was good again.

Any suggestions on how to debug the next time it happens?

Networking wise, everything else was still working. Internet access was great, devices could ping each other. Forgot to ping the hub IP--I'll do that next time.