Alexa or Google Assistant only devices?

I have a few smart plugs that are Alexa and Google Assistant compatible, all Wi-fi obviously.

Is there a way to bring them into Hubitat and have them show up in the list of switches available to use in RM or others ?


Wow, not even one reply...

With Alexa, there is a workaround you can use...but it takes some work to get things set up.

If you want Hubitat and Alexa to be able to control these devices, you’ll need a special virtual device driver that supports both the Switch and Contact Sensor capabilities. Once this device is created on your Hub, share it to Alexa. Then, on the Alexa side, you’ll need to create Alexa Routines which are Triggered by the “contact sensor” portion of the Hubitat virtual device. Use one Alexa Routine to change the status of your WiFi device to “on” when the Hubitat virtual Contact Sensor is “closed”, and another Alexa Routine to do the opposite.

The problem comes in the fact that Alexa Routines cannot be triggered by the change in a “switch” device. Thus, if your WiFi switch changes state via any mechanism other than via the aforementioned Alexa Routines, the status of those devices will become out of sync on your Hubitat hub.

Much more reliable and robust to simply replace these WiFi devices with new devices that are supported natively on Hubitat.

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You need to lower your expectations on what this, and many, forums are. A group of people just like you who use the product and try to help each other as time allows.

No one is getting paid, no one owes you anything, impatience is not rewarded.

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Thank you - exactly what I was looking for.

Very much appreciated.

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Very helpful to let others know what brand and model smart plug you are referring to. For example, although there are no official drivers for WiFi plugs and switches, there is a community driver for TP-Link Kasa devices. I am using it for a Kasa power bar. For my particular use case and they way I'm using it, the driver for it works very well.


Good point. Here they are.

I have some Gosund, Teckin and Meross plugs.

FWIW, depending on the model, all those can be tasmotized. And there is a Tasmota integration for Hubitat.

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Yes, I've just Tasmotized my Teckins - work great.

Thank you.


Tried to do the same with some Meross smart plugs, but no go. I don't think they're ESP based... Ah well.