Alexa losing hue lights but google doesnt

Hi all,

I've got a strange situation where Alexa loses the ability to control the hue lights however google home continues to be able to as well as apple home. Alexa does still seem to be able to control virtual switches on hubitat.

I do have two hue hubs one at the house and one at work. Unsure if this maybe is the problem but it has always worked before for both sites.

The hub is rebooted every week and the echo skill i have uninstalled and reenabled along with selecting all devices.

Any other ideas what it could be?

How are you integrating your Hue lights with Alexa and GH? Using native Hue skills, or using the Hubitat skill.

I’ve deleted the echo skill directly in hubitat then re enabled via Alexa. It’s strange as I am able to control the hue lights via the dash board in hubitat just not via Alexa

@baldog - Let's try to ask the question another way, just to be certain we are all on the same page...

There are two ways to integrate Hue bridge attached lights with Amazon Alexa.

  1. Use the Philips Hue Skill for Amazon Alexa within the Alexa App on your phone. This method does not involve Hubitat whatsoever.


  1. Use the Hubitat Skill for Amazon Alexa within the Alexa App on your phone. This method relies on the Hubitat to Hue Bridge integration within Hubitat. Also, one has to make certain to check the setting within the Hubitat Hub's "Amazon Echo Skill" app to allow Hue devices to be controlled by Alexa. This feature is there to prevent duplicates in the Alexa list of devices, should a user implement both methods #1 and #2.
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option 2 , i use Alexa to connect to hubitat which then controls the hue hub

Do the Hue devices show up in the Alexa app? Do you have any legacy Hue devices left in the Alexa app from directly integrating Hue with Alexa?

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found the problem, for some reason exclude hue devices was ticked! next seem to have loads of duplicate devices within alexa, any way to get rid of them?

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Log into and you can delete the duplicates.

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amazing thanks!