Alexa Issues

I recently changed the names of my ceiling fan lights to overhead lights in the Alexa app, for two different rooms. Each of these rooms has an Echo device.

My bedroom Echo works correctly using voice “overhead lights” to control the bedroom overhead lights.

However, when I’m in the family room and say overhead lights, the family room overheads lights do not turn on/off, but the bedroom overhead lights do!

I have verified that the echo’s and lights are assigned to the appropriate rooms. In the Alexa app, I can go to the family room group, press overhead lights on/off and properly control the family room lights (and the same for bedroom). So I know I have the right dimmers assigned to the right rooms.

The lights are controlled by Caseta dimmers.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot?

I have the same issue with fans. I tried to troubleshoot for a while and then decided it was a limitation of Alexa's logic. It seems to do that "default to this room" thing for some devices but not all.

@brad5 I think you’re right. My son is telling me he has to say the room name for his fans. But what’s weird, is I can just say overhead lights in the bedroom and it works, but if I do that in the family room it turns on the overhead lights in the wrong room (it turns on the bedroom overhead lights).

Again, these overhead lights are both ceiling fan lights.

Very annoying. I wish Amazon would fix this.

I suppose I could try sharing the dimmer from Hubitat with Alexa, to see if that works. Right now my integration is directly with Lutron.

I have accepted that fact that Alexa works as expected when it feels like it and there is nothing I can do about it. As long as amazon can make money off the data and people keep buying the things they have no incentive to fix (free/included) issues that sort of work but not exactly.

I love the fact they tell you to set your switch as a light so it will be controlled when you say "turn on the lights" and then it totally ignores that and even when not set as a light, on it goes anyway. Has been broken as long as I know.

There's also an interesting feature where if you say "turn on the lights" to an echo end point that is not associated with a group/room within the alexa app, it turns on ALL the lights it knows about. Made that mistake with my mom when she was visiting and got up at 4am and turned on the lights. ALL the lights.

Can that be avoided by assigning every light to a room/group?

No, he is saying he had an Alexa that was not in a group. So when you tell it to turn on the lights, since it does not have a group tied to it, it just turned on everything regardless of any groups.

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So could it be avoided by assigning the Alexa to an (empty?) group?

I have some Hunter SimpleConnect ceiling fans that include a light fixture. The fans are WiFi controlled, so the only way I can control them is through Alexa, the wall remote, or the app. I have one fan that always come on when I turn on my bedroom lights. The light on the fan is part of the lighting group, but the fan itself is not. The strange thing is when I turn off the lighting group, all the lights turn off, but the fan continues to run and has to be turned off from the wall remote. Go figure :melting_face:

Yes indeed.

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