Alexa integration works but always get "device not responding"

Been using Alexa for a while now without issue but in the last couple of days (maybe after latest C8 hub update) I've been annoyed that Alexa constantly tells me that a device is not responding even though the command works without issue.

I've searched through the forums looking for a solution, but I can't find any. Tried rebooting the Hub and it still does it.

Anyone care to help me track down what's causing this issue?

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I have been getting the same message - maybe 20% of the time - for the last week or so. I am still on C7 so I think it is hub version independent.

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been experiencing this as well - only on specific devices that are 'heavy' or 'chatty' as some say. I have 3 power monitoring outlets that I use to generate power date for graphs. all 3 of these do this behavior. I say 'Alexa, turn off the floor heater'. and the heater goes off, then alexa says 'the device is not responding'. its a timing issue for sure. why? no idea. I stopped debugging HE issues long ago as the pay is poor. still - it's an issue!

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I'm having this issue on what appears to be every device which are typical switches. Not sure if Hubitat is sending a return communication back to Alexa that says the device responded. I checked my firewall and nothing is getting blocked for Hubitat.

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Everything is back running fine. Weird.

This is in the Amazon Echo Skill app on HE.
It is a workaround for the issue which probably resides on the Amazon side.

Thanks, I did have that checked off. Just a weird issue that came about for a ew days.

I had that problem a while back consistently with Zigbee lights that used pre-staging or group optimization options. I turned that off and never had any more issues. The light would respond appropriately but then it would say that the light was not responding. I haven't had it in a long time.

I think I narrowed down what the issue was for me. Seemed to be related to changing my DNS server settings to Quad9. Although there may be some other issues since it's sporadic on some other devices.

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