Alexa - Honeywell T6 (not pro)

Having read around this, i think i know the answer but wanted to check. I'm trying to find a way to 'include' my wi-fi only T6's into Hubitat - the T6 will talk to alexa and homekit (homekit currently working ok for me, but is an island amongst my kit).

From what i can see, HE cannot read devices in from Alexa, only the other way around? So that doesn't solve my problem?

If so, I think perhaps Homebridge is the only way at the moment.

Thanks for any pointers.

Even HomeBridge is also one way: Hubitat devices to HomeKit, not the other way around. (I don't mean that events/commands don't flow fine between the two, just that--as with Alexa--you can't import a HomeKit device into Hubitat via HomeBridge; the real device has to "live" on Hubitat.) So, either that or Alexa might be somewhat usable for workarounds, but neither will be as easy as just importing a device.

If you have Home Assistant set up, an alternative that might work is pairing the thermostat to Home Assistant as your HomeKit controller (this is different from its "outbound" HomeBridge integration--which is similar to ones you'll find for Hubitat), then using something like the community Home Assistant Device Bridge to get that device into Hubitat. You could then expose it out to Alexa via Hubitat (or Home Assistant) if desired. I have not tried this, nor am I sure if that community solution supports thermostats, but it's another thing you could consider.

Personally, I'd probably just replace the thermostat with a natively supported Zigbee or Z-Wave model. :smiley: But I understand, you're probably just looking for a way to make what you already have work...

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Thanks @bertabcd1234 . Replacing it (them!) would be easiest, but I have three for seperate zones so the cost gets a bit out of hand for my 'hobby'! I'll take a look at some of those possible options you mention and see what I can work out.