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so the plan is this, when my kitchen door is closed, i want a motion sensor to detect if there is any motion in the kitchen, (parents keep leaving dogs in there un knowing they followed them in) it will announce to alexa that a animal is in the kitchen.

i have tried but i am still learning the ropes, i have made a virtual switch and contact sensor but i really got no clue how to bridge the gap.

can somone help if possable, be as namens terms as possable please

I would recommend installing Echo Speaks ( from the Hubitat Package Manager ) or from Here as it puts you in control of your echo from habitat. No workarounds needed.

This is how I would have done it before.

Then create a routine to monitor the contact and make the announcement.

With Echo Speaks at its most basic it would be more like

ok i shall try this, i cant figure out how to get the drivers from GITHUB

Package Manager is the simplest to install.
Screenshot 2021-06-25 at 09.50.56
Screenshot 2021-06-25 at 09.51.03
Screenshot 2021-06-25 at 09.51.11
The paste


and then import and save.
Then add a user app.
Then add Echo Speaks from the package manager.

There is a tricky bit when you need to set up the Heroku server but it talks you through that.

what does open() on tmpAlexaConctact come under in Actions?

yeah thtas the bit i got stuck on with the server, i get to a point and then i cant go no further


±Ok i think i might have got it working now. got to login this time, but i didn't last time.

you need to select custom actions then the device.
Then you are presented with a drop down of actions.

ok, next question.... its coming up in the logs :-

Commands NOT Allowed! Device is currently (OFFLINE) | Type: (volumeControl)

whats next lol?


Ok it is working i just got to fine tune it a little...

THANK you so much for your help

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