Alexa geographical restrictions


I'm trying to integrate my Hubitat with my Echo Dot. However I've ran into the "geographical restrictions" in Alexa, when I'm trying to add the Hubitat Skill. I've previously worked around this for Spotify - I read on the internet that if I can make the integration from Spotify's end, not Alexa app restrictions apply.

I know this is not strictly a Hubitat issue, but I'm asking here to see if someone knows for a similar workaround.

I am located in Bulgaria, Europe.

I've resolved this by actually contacting Amazon customer service. Initially they told me that I had to physically be within the US, but then they changed my address on their end and after reloging into the Alexa app, I was now able to use the Hubitat skill and everything worked from there on.


You can easily do this yourself by login to your Alexa account and change the country of your liking. In fact, you can change the location per echo device as well. It's in the device setting on the Alexa app.

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I tried it. It didn't work until the Amazon representative did something on their end.

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