Alexa echo devices

Hey guys, I'm extremly very new to Hubitat and still figuring things out here but I'd like to some help of ye. I was just wondering what's the simplest way to add all my echo devices (speakers) including speaker groups created on Alexa app to show on my Hubitat?
Once that's is figure out I was wondering how I can use text to speech as let's say is my contact sensor opens to say something and as well if its possible to play music when a routine is triggered?

You will want to install the Echo Speaks community app to do this:


Hi, I was able to add the app but like I mentioned I'm extremly new to all this and still figuring out stuff. Now that I have it installed what's the next step? Is there a way for hubitat to discover my echo devices and add them or do I have to create them one by one? If so what's the direction to doing so. Really appreciate it

If you installed the app and required server (Heroku or local), you Alexa devices should have been created for you in Hubitat.

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I did install the app but actually feeling embarrassed now as I have no idea where to go about as I'm really new to all this
Is there any steps to search hot to go about doing from 0 for beginners?

Did you follow the instructions in the thread and create the Heroku server? Echo Speaks Documentation - Echo Speaks Documentation


Installed the app how? Did you add it using Hubitat Package Manager? Is the app listed in your apps list and not just under apps code? Did you go to apps and hit Add User App in the top right? Did you setup and configure an Echo Speaks Heroku server or a local Echo Speaks server?

Again, if you have all the components installed and configured properly, the app finds and creates your Alexa devices in Hubitat for you.

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I did now but when I go to login into my amazon I keep getting 404 error :confused:

So far everhting went fine but only problem I'm having now is when I'm going to login into amazon I get a 404 error. Any idea when this is happening?

If you look at the bottom of the thread, there was a change and someone posted a work around.


Thank you so much for your help and patience. I got them there now but not sure how they meant to be but all them appear online and just my firetv shows as online. Is that how they supposed to be or all of them should be showing online?

All echos attached to the account should show in the integration.

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They are showing now but they look like this and they don't appear online except for 2 of them which I actually don't use. Everything seems to be correcte as in the pics and they actually devices at home are all working and not offline.

Well you can add them all to hubitat, then go to their devices pages and do a test to each of them.

I did and they're all added there already but still not working and testing being done with all of them individually. I've been going on about this for the past 3 days and trying everything but still can't figure out. One thing I noticed just now is there's a websocket that needs to be installed but anytime I go to the link for it it's says error not found. I installed through HPM but still wondering if I have to install the websocket driver and if should be appearing on my drivers? If so any working link for the websocket driver?

You should install Echo Speaks entirely from HPM.

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I believe Websockets are no longer in use. This is what HPM installs/manages for the latest version of Echo Speaks:


Thank you so much for your help and not sure if I should have said but I'm in the UK and the reason it wasn't working was I was putting but changed to and now all of them are online and working. Thanks you so much for your help rely appreciate the time put into help me :slight_smile:


Glad you got it working!