Alexa Echo App (obsolete)

Since the Alexa Echo App is obsolete perhaps some text could be added in the +Add Built-in App section saying it is obsolete or not the latest or some such wording.

What makes you write that it’s obsolete?

If you're not in the US (or whatever other markets they might happen to have the Alexa skill in at the moment), the "old" Echo app is indeed the one you need. The "new" Echo Skill app only works where the Alexa skill is released. I do agree they could make this a bit clearer in the UI since the app descriptions for both look the same right now. What the OP said is basically true for the US market.

I think they used to hide the "old" app for new installations (would still appear if you already had it installed), but I might have mis-remembered, or maybe they changed course on that for the aforementioned reason.

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UK also has the Skill approved by Amazon at this stage.

Deprecated is probably a better word.

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And here I thought Alexa skill is the newer version.

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The one labeled "Skill" is, indeed, the newer version (which relies on the Alexa skill for Hubitat installed on your Amazon/Echo account to work); the one labeled "App" is the older one (which emulates a Hue bridge and works anywhere, albeit in a more limited fashion).

If "Skill" is available in your market, that's the one I'd use.

I see the confusion even more now. :slight_smile:

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But it isn’t yet. Other countries still need it. We Americans are far too quick to depreciate products and services once we get what we need.

I hear the arguments for clarity, but it’s still very much an important app until everyone has access to the Skill in their respective countries.

Fair point.
But nothing outside of the USA matters. :sunglasses:

It was not my intention to suggest it had no value, only that I have seen several posts of new folks asking the difference. I thought some wording in that section would be helpful for new folks. Hence my "... not the latest or some such thing....."

Perhaps "preferred" would be appropriate.

You’ll not be using any of the apps this Englishman wrote then?


Englishman? /Reaches for uninstall button/ . :smirk:


I'm happy to use code from folks outside the US no mater the nationality. And I very much appreciate the effort.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Cheers? You're one of them. :smirk:

Oops, sorry sarcasm lock was on.