Alexa devices on HE

Hi, I know the idea of HE is to keep everything local but I (and I'm sure plenty of others) have some device that were in place that can't be replaced with z-wave/zigbee gear and running on Alexa before I got wise and bought a HE hub. Can HE not only share its devices with Alexa but also see the Alexa devices please so it can tell Alexa to turn on/off or adjust devices? It wouldn't need to know exactly what device it is if we can manually tell it what type e.g. air conditioner (we have an AirTouch 3 ducted which uses wifi for all its components including thermostats).

IF lounge thermostat >=25c
THEN tell Alexa to turn on Unit (our a/c name)
AND change lounge thermostat to 23c

No. Alexa doesn't share devices paired with it to other systems. It only controls them.

One option might be to create a VS (virtual switch) in HE, then write a routine in Alexa so when you control the Alexa device you turn on/off the VS, a rule in HE can respond the VS...

I do this for from Ring Doorbell :slight_smile:


This does not allow for positive feedback. Or allow for local changes to any device connected to Alexa to be reflected in Hubitat. While it may work with some devices it is not a universal solution for Alexa connected devices, especially anything like light switches.

Mmmm, was afraid of that. Ah well, back to the drawing board. Thanks

I created a Virtual Switch Universal Device specifically for Alexa and IFTTT integrations. If the Alexa devices can be used as Triggers, then you can use Alex Routines to control your Hubitat Virtual Switch, and you can use the Hubitat Virtual Switch to control the Alexa Devices if they have Actions. in Alexa Routines. If the Alexa devices don't have Triggers or Actions in Alexa Routines or available as an IFTTT service then you are probably SOL. Contact Amazon and request either the device to be available in Alexa Routines or available as an IFTTT service.

You know you're responding to a post from more than a year ago, right?

I guess anyone searching for how to use Alexa Devices on HE will have some more helpful info. :wink:

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