Alexa device names when using 2 Hubitat c7's with hub mesh


I have 2 Hubitat c7's. and a house full of every echo device ever created. One hub has lights and one has devices. I split the hubs due to the number of devices I have and stability. When I had all devices and lights on one hub, it required a lot of attention. Two hubs has eliminated that.

Hub mesh is active and everything is working perfectly.
One hub mesh is named "Device" and the other hub mesh is called "lights"

However, the naming convention when using Alexa voice commands is awkward. For example, in the Alexa app, I have "Bathroom light one on Lights"
This is fine when motions and routines are controlling things and scheduled changes are running.
The issue is when using voice commands.

Alexa, turn off bathroom light one on lights.. that will make you stop and think.. and if anyone else in the house wants to use a voice command... what happens is come to me to ask why bathroom light one isn't working now. It's just awkward.

Is there a way to suppress the "on lights" suffix?
Can a light just be a light rather than a light on lights?


Just change the label on the individual lights on your local hub. This does take a while to go through all of the devices though...


As @a4refillpad suggested you just have to change the device label on the hub that is running the Alexa skill. See example below.

It has been suggested, but does not seem to be something HE wants to implement, to have an option to suppress the add on when it's created.


Thanks.. I was surprised to see the answer so simple. :slight_smile:

That would be nice... and it would save a lot of time in setup.

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