Alexa custom sound recognition

Has anybody been invited to the custom sound recognition program. From my understanding Alexa will learn to detect any sound of your choosing, you train it on that sound detection, than it can be used for automations. This is an absolute game changer I think. Any idea if and how we could bring this into Hubitat?

Anybody have thoughts on this subject as a whole?

I haven't been invited but if it does in fact trigger Alexa automations then getting it to trigger HE rules will be easy.

I already use Beeping Appliance under Sound Detection to trigger an Alexa routine to flip a virtual switch in HE. I did understand that Sound Detection would be enhanced to allow training it with any sound, and not just pre-defined baby crying, dog barking, snoring, etc.

Have you been invited to the full trainable custom sound beta?

Depending upon how accurate and discriminatory this feature is, it could really simplify a lot of automations especially those that currently depend upon power sensing (as long as your appliances have very distinctive end of cycle beeps/sounds) as well as a whole slew of other applications. Looking forward to hearing the experiences of those who were invited to the trial.