Alexa controlled fan/light remote ...will i be able to see state/control light and fan

I have a fan that I want to add a light attachment ...but they did not run a extra wire for light to the fan. My only option now is a fan remote
The following is Alexa controlled...
does anyone know if I'll be able to see status of the fan and light and control via Hubitat?

You might be able to get that device into Hubitat via the Smart Life App and [BETA] Tuya Cloud Driver (Limited device support). However, there is no guarantee that will work. If it does not, you would be limited to virtual switches and Alexa routines.

thx for the the virtual switches they would allow me to turn off the light or fan, I think?

what about telling if the fan or light is that possible with virtual switches?

Yes. You would need two virtual switches (light and fan). From there, it is just about creating the routines in Alexa:

Alexa fan comes on, turn on virtual fan switch. Alexa fan comes off, turn off virtual fan switch
Alexa fan light turns on, turn on virtual light switch. Alexa fan light turns on, turn on virtual light switch.

The above two routines would allow you to see the status of the fan and light in Hubitat. If you would rather control it via Hubitat, just reverse the order: virtual comes on, turn on fan or light. Virtual turns off, turn off fan or light.

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Assuming this integration will work but it will be cloud based integration (no go in my case).
If you have running Home Assistant (or willing to add it) consider Sonnoff iFan04.
Integration is 100% local, fan has 3-speeds settings but light unfortunately only on/off
(no dimming). At this time this is OK but I always can add small separate inline zigbee

thanks for the idea....appreciate the feedback.

i dont have home assistant ...but I'm ok with cloud based for the fan/light
my water sensors and valve are all local via hubitat

I wish there was a zigbee remote version of these remotes OR that the hub could talk directly to the wifi controller.

If the remotes is RF you could use the Bond hub to control the light.

The Fan/Light combo in our bedroom has to be controlled via remotes. The bond integration works well, and it is local. All my rules control virtual devices and when those devices change they tell the bond hub to change the actual fan or light.

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Actually there was one - Zigbee Hampton Bay from Home Depot. I was using two of these
for about 4 years. Recently both decided to drop off zigbee mesh near at the same time and
no matter what I tried they did not want to stay connected (paired OK and dropped off within
few hours). Unfortunately I did not find any good similar replacement. In my case anything
cloud-based is absolutely no go. But I found these Sonoff iFan04 devices and so far so
good except for missing light dimming. With the HA integration is 100% local and works
with original firmware "as is" (there is no need to reflash the devices with Tasmota).

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Except it is unidirectional. If you use a Remote things will be desynchronized. This could be OK
but I don't like it.

This is true, and it does happen from time to time.

The fan we have was not my choice. We needed to replace the fan in the bedroom and I told my wife to just get whatever fan she wanted. I didn't think she would get a remote only controlled fan.

Did not even realize that is what it was until I had it installed. We have separate switches in our bedroom for the light and fan. The fan had wires for wiring them up separately. After I got it all installed I found out that you couldn't control anything unless you left fan switch on. If you turned off the fan at the switch you turned off the light as well.

I really didn't want to take the thing down and send it back, and I already had a Bond hub for my shades. So I hardwired power to the fan it and it worked pretty well with the Bond hub so we just kept it. I replaced both of the switches at the Wall with Zen34s so it works like a regular fan light combo.

We just don't use the remote -it's tucked away in my "keep for when we sell the house" box.

All commands go thru Bond - may be Bond app itself, but more typically via the nearby Zen32 or a Google Home voice command. We don't miss the remote at all, but if one was needed, I'd just use a Pico.

We are not using Remotes as well. Further more - nobody is controlling these fans manually.
My ceiling fans are 100% automated. They are used to balance temperatures across the
apartment and to improve air quality if CO2 readings are too high.
But just in case if anybody will use a remotes all my rules must know current fan status.