Alexa control in context

I have like 8 Alexa's throughout the house. I'd like to say "Alexa turn on the lights" and have Alexa know which lights to turn on... based which Alexa heard that.

I am using the hubitat Alexa app for the link between the Echo and my lights etc.

Is what I am asking possible or not yet?


Is with Google if you put them in rooms, dose amazon support rooms?

A few things go through my head as I sit at work 28 miles from home. Alexa skills might be able to do this without integration other than the devices. Or node red may be able to handle this for you. Maybe better than skills. I know you can check the skills, but maybe someone will weigh in on node red. @aaiyar @stephen_nutt

As far as I'm aware you can only achieve this via Groups. I have an Alexa device in each room, and just say "alexa, lights on (or off)" and my lights will turn on/off, or if dimmers, I can set the level in the same way. On an Alexa by Alexa basis. (or room by room if you prefer).

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You need to define groups within the Alexa app. The way I do it is:

  • Define a group for each room (in the Alexa app)
  • tell it which devices are in that room
  • Assign the one alexa device from that room to the group.

Now, if I'm in my kitchen and say "Alexa, turn on the lights", the kitchen Alexa hears me and knows to turn on its own group.

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Exactly what @jwetzel1492 said. One thing to watch for is the naming of the Alexa devices. When you have the rooms set, you can also say “turn off the bedroom” from any room in the house. However, if your Alexa device in the bedroom is also named bedroom Alexa will come back with “bedroom does not support that”. Simple fix is to name the device bedroom Dot or Echo or Show, anything but the exact name of the room.

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Thanks all. I have tried this and didn't get it to work right.... but will work on it further. All the best!

This is my Kitchen.

Hit the Devices bottom right, then edit or add ( + ) a new group.

Add the Alexa device to that room, and then add the lights you have (or want to control in that room).

When I am in the Kitchen I can now say "Lights on/off" and they will do exactly that.
If I'm in another room, I can say "Lights on/off in the Kitchen".

Hope this helps.

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