Alexa Confirmation of HE command via While Rule Repeat

Hi all

With the recent release in RM of the While Rule Repeat command, I've written the rule below to try to get confirmation that Alexa has triggered a Routine:

Some context: I use a Virtual Switch in HE to trigger an Alexa routine to turn off some wi-fi external lights. (I use wi-fi due to the range from the house) This works about 99% of the time but occasionally the Alexa Routine doesn't fire. My attempt here is that the same Alexa Routine sets another HE virtual device (External Lights Confirmation Alexa) and then the HE rule repeats until this gets confirmed. This obviously won't work in Alexa loses contact with the wi-fi lights! :slight_smile:

As this is my first rule to use the While Rule Repeat, is this a valid use? @bravenel ?