Alexa Comprehension

Lately when invoking Alexa to turn on/off a device, she has consistently required clarification of the device in question. As an example, if I would say "Alexa, turn on Livingroom Lights", previously it would work fine. However recently, she has consistently responded with "several devices share the name lights, which ones are you trying to use", to which if I then respond "Livingroom Lights" it works fine. This seems to only have manifested since the last round of updates in the past month or so. Anyone else experienced the same and find a resolution? TIA, appreciated!

I have seen this too. I don't know how it could be on the HE end though. There are lots of changes being applied to Alexa these days. Adding AI and chat capability etc. I think they have mucked things up a bit. IMHO. Adding: I would speak slowly and clearly. That seems to help. And yes, it's annoying.


In my experience, a number of of device names can overlap - for example - having a single device - 'Livingroom bulb' - can be called to Alexa 'turn off 'Bulb' or 'Turn off Livingroom'. Then, inside of Alexa you have rooms now as well - you can add a device to a room - completely not related to Rooms in HE btw. Now you have 2 devices that have a shared word - livingroom can be the room name or the single device. then, in HE if you create a group called 'Livingroom' more problems in differentiation begin to occur - assuming you have the Alexa app on your HE there is a setting that any new device is added to the Alexa side. (when you add it to the device list).
I now standardize on not putting any Group names into Alexa - just real devices.
On the Alexa side, I only put devices in rooms I want Alexa to recognize for that room name. Bulbs. switches. nothing else. Then I can take advantage of the 'room' naming of Alexa as well as the local Echo device knowing which devices are in the same room - a really great feature.
I also will edit device names IN ALEXA after they are added to remove the room name from the device name. that was a big problem early on. I'm writing this on hours sleep and doubt its of any use but my heart is in the right place!

Remove the word “lights” from the device names. For me, that has been problematic for quite a while.

I have a similar situation. When I tell Alexa to do something, the action completes.

When I tell Google to do the same thing, it replies that such and such is not available, then a few seconds later the action completes. Repeating the Google command results in the action completing correctly. It’s like Google doesn’t see the devices the first time but does the second time.