Alexa compatible devices

Are devices which are designed for Alexa bluetooth mesh also compatible with Hubitat by definition? Subject to unique drivers.

No, Hubitat does not have a Bluetooth radio. If you mean Zigbee devices, then possibly.

Description of device says "bluetooth mesh" for Alexa. Seemed a more general description of Zigbee but maybe unique to Alexa stuff. Will hold off purchasing as you are probably right that they are specific to Alexa. Manufacturer is Amysen.

There is an app that will let you expose your Hubitat devices to Alexa and then control them via voice commands.

Zigbee uses a mesh topology and classic Bluetooth does not, but Bluetooth Mesh is a thing, so I would not suspect that they meant Zigbee. However, with cheap devices, you somtimes never know, as they often just throw in a bunch of protocol names either for search results or because the person/company listing it also doesn't know. :smiley:

But as mentioned above, Hubitat does have an Alexa integration. This is one-way: Hubitat devices to Alexa. So if are just looking for a way to get voice control of a smart plug, the easist option is to find one that works with Hubitat, then expose it to Alexa this way. If you already have one working with Alexa and you're desperate to get it integrated into Hubitat somehow, you could use a workarond like creating a virtual device on Hubitat, integrating that into Alexa, and turning the real device on or off with an Alexa Routine based on that device (counterintuitively, I think you'd need a sensor-type device for that, as switches were not supported last I checked--but a combo switch/sensor driver on Hubitat would work). But this not ideal, as it's more difficult to set up, doesn't get the real device state back into Hubitat, and, of course, requires the Internet and Amazon's servers.

Thanks a lot! Somewhat new to Hubitat and have been trying to stay more on the Hubitat side controlling switches and letting Alexa work through Hubitat rather than the reverse - mainly to keep control local and out of the cloud.
I suppose since these devices are on Amazon I could just get one and see if it responds to Zigbee commands. Main attaction is price is ~50% of typical Zigbee switched outlet and it is clearly not WiFi. As you said the advertisement may just be fishing for more users but the label Zigbee is suspiciously absent :smile:

Yes, I am already doing that for a subset of my devices. This particular device being tied to Alexa requires the reverse - Hubitat talking to Alexa to activate. Not really what I want as I went to Hubitat to stay independent of the cloud.

I would stay away from Bluetooth Mesh devices, I have two bulbs I got for free and they sort of work but not very reliably. I used Node-Red to sort of gain control in Hubitat but it was a PITA.


Will take your advice and give it a miss!

Just stay away from Bluetooth if you can. The only unique devices that basically don't have Zigbee equivalent are mostly by Switchbot, but @tomw created a very good app that connects their hub to Hubitat so most everything works.


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