Alexa can't control a device that should be controllable

This morning I tried to turn off an Iris plug via Alexa but she said it couldn't be found. I could control the plug from the HE device page and I could control it from the Alexa mobile app, but voice control still would't work. I went through device discovery with the Alexa mobile app-no dice. On a whim, I went into the HE's Echo app and deselected the plug,saved, discovered devices again with the mobile app, and to my surprise the plug was still there- and now voice control worked! I selected the plug in the HE echo app and it still worked.

I don't know why it wasn't controllable or how my actions fixed it. Just wanted to document it in case someone else runs into the same thing.

Sometimes they work in the device list, sometimes they do not. If you put them into a group, they will always work. It's something that shouldn't be an issue when there is eventually a Hubitat Alexa Skill.

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