Alexa and verbal commands

When in the Bedroom I tell Alexa "Turn on the lights"...It works (3 lights come on)
I tell Alexa (Any Echo Dot throughout the house) "Turn on the bedroom lights"... Only one light comes on.

The setup:
Echo Dot 3rd gen, 2 recessed zigbee RGB lights and a Samsung bulb in a lamp all assigned to the group Bedroom (This is the only bedroom in the house) in the Alexa app.
The Samsung bulb is the light that comes on. It is installed as Generic Zigbee Bulb in Hubitat. The other two are set up as Generic Zigbee RGBW Light.

Is there a way to make this work when I specify the room name? Seems weird that Alexa can operate the lights when no room name is specified but only one when the room name is included.


Instead of saying "Alexa, turn on Bedroom Lights" simply try saying "Alexa, turn on Bedroom"

Most likely Alexa is getting a little confused by how you have named the various smart home 'devices' and the Alexa 'groups'.

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There are other devices (Outlets) in the bedroom that I don't want to turn on necessarily. Primarily a coffee maker that is also our alarm in the morning. I suppose I could remove those devices from the Alexa integration but I'd rather use that as a last resort as I'd loose voice control.

What are some examples of confusing device and group names?

As I said when I just say "Turn on the lights" within the room it works.

You're probably going to need to do some experimentation with Alexa "Groups", device "Names", etc... to sort of figure out a solution that works for you.

You could even create a Hubitat "Group" using the "Groups and Scenes" app on your Hubitat hub. This Hubitat 'group' could be named something like "Bedroom Lamps", which creates a Hubitat 'Group' device on the hub. This device could then be exposed to Alexa and would allow you to say "Alexa, turn off Bedroom Lamps". Hubitat would then turn off all of the devices that you added to that particular Hubitat Group.

Or, you could remove the coffee maker from the Alexa "Bedroom" Group. That way when you say "Alexa, turn off Bedroom" (i.e. the Alexa Group named 'Bedroom'), the coffee maker would not be affected.

It definitely takes some trial and error to get the Voice Assistants to behave in a way that makes sense to the users in the house.

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Thanks for the advice. I'll do some playing around. Hubitat "Groups and Scenes" was not even on my radar as I've never even used it.

Echo devices can be room specific. So if you have an echo device such as a dot in your bedroom, and you say 'Alexa, turn on lights' - the amazon routine is to turn on lights you have put in the room on the alexa app. if standing in the bedroom (so no other echo devices can hear) and you say 'turn on the bedroom lights' Amazon look for a device called bedroom lights, then looks for group called bedroom lights. Finding both, you get a warning that it is ambiguous (I truly forget what the message is).
When you issue a command from another room, and apply the word bedroom the routine is differently applied. Because its not your current room (based on the echo device room assignment listening to you) Amazon runs Bedroom group command first. on reddit and discord you'll see a lot of animated discussion about this . fyi, theres another gotcha. Light and Lamp. To amazon they are the same. If i have a device called ceiling light in the bedroom and a lamp as well - If I say Alexa, turn the light on, both devices trigger , Frustrating! And it's getting worse - you can now assign a capability to an outlet and claim it is connected to a light. and down the rabbit hole you go.
My solution to the mess has been to rely on Hubitat. I don't share groups to Alexa, only devices, and keep my naming consistent. In very specific cases I'll create a virtual device and trigger that via voice to get the result I desire. I also do not put any device into the Amazon groups for rooms so that 'Alexa, turn on the bedroom' can only affect lights - no other devices.
And just cuz my brain is exploding with info I've learned the hard way - Try doing colors and or Colortemp! Warm White in Amazon speak is NOT Warm White in Google which is NOT Warm White in GE which is not Warm White in Hubitat. no idea why I dumped that...

My first suspicion is that you have a device named "Bedroom light" or "Bedroom lamp" so when you say Turn on Bedroom Lights it associates it with just that one device.

I use this for two of my rooms and it usually does the opposite, it turns on everything, not just the lights. Ceiling Fan and TV included.

For my kitchen it is only lights so there its not a problem, but I can say "Turn on Kitchen Lights" from the FR and they all come on.

In the FR is where I have the TV and ceiling fan, so I actually put all the lights an in Alexa group "Family Room Lights" then added that group to the main "Family Room" group. Now the "Turn on Family Room Lights" triggers that group and turns on only the lights. You might try doing this for the bedroom?

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So this was the solution. I placed the 3 lights in an Alexa group "Bedroom Lights" and placed that group into the "Bedroom" group. Works great.


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