Alexa and Running a scene

I am new to Hubitat and a long time user of Vera and I made the transition. I want to write a scene that is run by Alexa and not by a switch. Vera had manual triggers for a scene. I don't see that is Hubitat. I want to verbally ask Alexa to run "scene x." How to I build that scene in Hubitat? What di i assign as a trigger?
Thank you

create a virtual switch.. integrate it into alexa.. write a rule in rule machine to run the scene when the switch turns on..

in alexa create a routine that whatever voice input you want turns on that switch.


You can also use the built-in “Groups and Scenes” or “Room Lighting” Apps to create “scenes” or “groups” of lights. These apps also offer the ability to create “Activator” switch devices that can be used by Alexa or any other App to trigger Scenes or to control a “Group” of lights.


Thank you. I will try it now.