Alexa and 2 House - what's the best practice


I am moving to another house for the summer. I will install a second HE hub there.
What is the best practice to use Alexa at 2 houses with 2 hubs ?

Should I create another Amazon account and bind the second hub to the new account ?
or is there a better way ?

If you use Alexa a lot (like me) to, for example say, "Turn on kitchen light", then consider the fact that you'll now have two kitchen lights. In that case, I'd open a second Alexa account.

that's what I think. but I wonder if there is another way to support multiple home setup.
I guess no ?

No need to open a second Amazon account. Alexa can identify the different locations, and act accordingly.

As a matter of fact this provision is precisely thought for second homes.

but how does it work ?
I create a new "kitchen" and "kitchen lamp" in it.
so what happens if I ask alexa to turn on "kitchen lamp" ?
I don't want to turn on the kitchen lamp at my winter house accidentally.

In the Alexa app in “Echo devices” you will see that each has a “location” defined, including the physical address. This allows it to know where are commands coming from.

What happens is everything is named the same, that I really don’t know since in my case house spaces are named differently.

And therein lies the concern. That's why I would have separate Alexa accounts. I already have a crapload of devices listed under my main Amazon account. I wouldn't want to add to that unnecessarily. Besides, Amazon accounts are free.

Yes. With no doubt that is solution with no surprises.