Alexa / Amazon noticed that I needed a new A/C filter

I received an email from Amazon because the Sensi thermostat controlled by Alexa reports that it is time to replace my air filter. Amazon included a link to order a replacement. I was not expecting this level of attentiveness.

Creepy or helpful?

I ordered a new filter.

I have received similar emails for my Xiaomi air purifier. (NOT purchased from Amazon).

Jeff Bezos is monetising the data that you share… :grin:


Nest keeps track of filter life as well, but apparently Google isn’t recommending any brands.

Don’t use a super high efficient filter if your air handler wasn’t designed for it.

Marketing. There is no way that the thermostat knows the filter needs replacement unless you tell it when you changed the filter. Even then, it still can't actually measure the amount of dust caught by the air filter over time (based on air particulates and the micron filtering capability of the air filter).

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I have to tell the app or the Nest thermostat itself that the filter has been replaced. I’m not familiar with other brands, but the Nest keeps track of how many hours the blower runs to determine when the filter should be replaced.

Google just bought a huge Distribution Center in North Fort Worth, but they will start..

If it's like my ecobee, it's just a basic Remind me to change my HVAC filers every XX days, then nags me starting XX days later until i tell it i did it, then resets the counter. In my case it's every 30 days (yes, I have the big expensive 5X5X25 filter, not cheap), but we have dogs and cats, and frequently have foster animals that come out of shelters with lots of respiratory issues, so we change them monthly. I buy 6 at a time through filter buy. that the cheapest option I have found, knock them down to about $22/filter. We also have a UV light in the air handler to help deal with he viral and bacterial issues as well.

Same here, the message said something like, it is now time to replace the side brush on my Roborock Vacuum based on the time I paired it to Alexa. New ways of using our data to make more money. So I bought a replacement kit from Aliexpress, Thanks Amazon for reminding me :rofl:


You have room for an electrostatic air filter. My filter is 16x25x1 so I am limited to regular filters.
Years ago I saw a device that was a glorified whistle that you poked through the center of the filter. It was supposed to make a whistling noise when the filter was restricted. Can’t remember why I didn’t keep it.

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I always get amazon trying to sell me printer toner when my printer says it is low. It just auto-discovers the printer and it either is pinging it for the toner levels or the printer broadcasts it when it gets low.

What is an electrostatic filter? That whistling thing wouldn't help me. Our air handler is in the attic above the garage, I would never hear it.
I need to replace mine now but tis so darn hot up there right now

Actually you have two options :

Electrostatic air filter explained by ChatGPT

An electrostatic air filter is a type of air filtration system for homes that uses static electricity to capture dust, pollen, and other airborne particles. These filters are typically made of layers of metal or synthetic materials that generate static electricity as air passes through them. The static charge attracts and traps particles, preventing them from circulating back into the indoor air. Electrostatic filters can be reusable or disposable; reusable ones need regular cleaning to maintain their effectiveness. They are often considered more efficient than traditional filters in capturing smaller particles.

Then you can go high dollar and get an electronic air filter, Again, I defer to ChatGPT

An electronic air filter, often referred to as an electronic air cleaner (EAC), is a high-efficiency filtration system designed to replace the standard furnace filter in a home’s HVAC system. Here’s how it works:

1.	Pre-Filter Stage: Air first passes through a pre-filter that captures larger particles like dust and hair.
2.	Ionization Stage: Next, the air moves through an ionization section where particles are given an electrical charge.
3.	Collection Stage: Charged particles then pass through a series of oppositely charged plates, which attract and trap these particles, removing them from the air.

Electronic air filters are known for their ability to capture very small particles, including smoke, pollen, and bacteria, making them particularly beneficial for improving indoor air quality. These filters need regular maintenance, including washing or replacing the pre-filters and cleaning the ionization and collection plates to ensure optimal performance.