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Earlier this week @bobbyD helped me setup my notifications on my iPhone and they worked that night perfectly, I setup a rule to generate an notification when the front door is unlocked. I tested the rule and it work, I received the notification with a minute of the event. I noticed last night, I didnt get any notifications yesterday during the day even thought the locked had been locked/unlocked several times.

If should be noted that I followed the steps that @bobbyD provided me and added the event to my iPad. I haven't received any notification there either.

Looking for guidance on how to trouble shoot this. I have checked the logs and the events for the lock and they do not seem to show anything about notifications.


There are many ways you can get notifications to mobile devices, but since Support helped you do it, I'm guessing you're using the Hubitat mobile app. This will create a device on the hub for your mobile device, which you can name whatever you want but will default to something like your device name (e.g., "Sam's iPhone" or whatever). Other methods should still create a device, though the process for how may be different.

The first thing I'd do is find these devices in your Devices list on the hub. They'll have a "Device Notification" command you can use to test the actual notificaton process: type something into the text field (this will be the notification text), then press the "Device Notification" button itself to execute the command. See if something comes through to your device. If so, you know that much is working fine, so you're likely dealing with an app/configuration problem. If not, something with the mobile app itself is likely the issue. Knowing which it is will help you start troubleshooting.

Okay so I tried that notification test and it failed (I didn’t get the notification) On my iPhone only at this point.

This test worked successfully the other night when I was working with @bobbyD but I had to log out and back into the app first. Its didn’t work prior to that.

So I then log out and back into the app and ran the test again and I got the notification. I will have to wait and see how long this this continues to work but if what I suspect happens, the notifications stop working again, what then?

To be honest, I never foresaw this issue when I changed from my Schlage non-hubitat (wi-fi) lock to the Yale zWave lock.

You may need to modify the settings for the app to be excluded from any battery optimization services that your phone provides. It sounds like the app is forced to sleep so is not listening for new notifications.

I checked the app settings on both the app and on my iphone and do not see setting to prevent from sleeping… I have location services enabled thinking that would keep the app checking on where it is….

I whole-heartedly suggest using Pushover for notifications. It works E-V-E-R-Y time. One time charge of 5 dollars but includes a 30 day trial to see if you like it. Has many configuration options to tweak thing just how you want.

Do you have notifications on in your phone? Worth a check if your also checking power

@jnosa899 Yes they work for a short time after I logout/login to the app.

@jameslslate I have signed up and installed the app on my iPad for a test. If it works, $10.00 for my iPad and iPhone is well worth the price..

Funny enough, last night, I never received the unlocked notification from either Habitat or Pushover but did get the auto lock notification within 5 seconds of the event and the Pushover notification about 5 minutes after if occurred.

The test will be today when people come and go..

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If you continue to have missed events, please send me a private message along with your hub ID so we can make sure you are not dealing with some sort of hardware malfunction on the hub side.

I use Twilio. It is not free (though I think you can get a free trial) but it uses SMS so you can send to a phone without having a client app running on the phone. There's both a stock driver and a community driver available.

@bobbyD Will Do!!

Thank you.

I believe it is only $5 per platform, with ipad and iphone on the same platform.

Question for the group - not sure you can answer this but what the heck, I have a Yale Assure lock with Z-Wave. I have the following rule as shown:

I only get the unlock notifications not the lock. What do I have wrong?

The rule seems fine. I suggest enablig logging, then checking the past Logs page after the next lock event occurs, to see what's happening. Also might want to check the lock's Device Details page to make sure the lock status is updated.

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