Alert siren - which do you have?

In last night's Hubitat Live, Bruce said that Z-Wave alarms can be "hard to turn off", so we're apparently not the only ones who experience this.


I've seen a few others on here mention the issues with Z-Wave alarms as well. My wife likes it to chime when the front door is opened. Most times this is fine but then I have those times when it chimes twice or sometimes 3, 4 or 5 times before it stops. That's a bit annoying then.

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I use multiple google home mini’s spread through out the house to announce what sensor was tripped where so you have a little more information about what caused the alert besides just a siren. It also works well to use as an announcement of a door opening instead of a chime during the day. Only issue I have is every once in awhile it will stop announcing until I reboot the hub.

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Interesting, I wonder if we can use Google home/Chromecast as a siren. It should be possible, just have it play a siren sound and make a device handler so HE recognize it as a siren?

If you have a tablet running a dashboard using Fully Kiosk Browser, that can be used as a siren/chime as well if you use the driver here in the forums.

What is your use-case for?
I'm happy with the z-wave Dome Siren.

I use it for three things;

  1. It's the upstairs doorbell for my Ring Doorbell (as I have their official chime for downstairs). This happens 3-6 times a week and it works great, and my batteries have been great too despite what others have reported.
  2. Night Alarm. If any door opens while in "sleep mode" I have it to where it will blast loud. This never happens though, an occasional accident from my better half if she forgets to disable the alarm.
  3. Chime if any water leak detectors light up. I also have my Sonos tell us "Water link in the: <Sensor name" to complement this.

I'm happy with it, it was cheap and the slow turn-off time doesn't bother me for these scenarios, and it's very quick to 'sound' for my triggers, but again I don't use it in super advanced ways.

I have a fortrezz siren and boy is that sucker loud! Gets everyone's attention around my house.

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I used both Dome and Aeotech Siren 6.. I personally prefer the Siren 6 over the Dome siren.
Look up krlaframboise's DH for the Siren 6, works like perfectly for me!