Aldi (Lightway) and LIDL (Livarno) integration

Hey there,

because I'm allways happy to have not that expansive solutions for my Smart Home, I would really appriciate, if there are native Integrations for the Aldi (Lightway) and LIDL (Livarno) products. They are of a good quality and on the way more budget friendly side. :grin:

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Two questions pop straight into my head;

  1. Are they Zigbee or Zwave ??
  2. Is there a published API to allow device drivers to be created ?

With both of those in hand, there could be a good chance. :slight_smile:


Hey there,

both are Zigbee. I can't say anything about the public API, especially because I have no idea, where I could check that (I'm more user and a little tinkerer). With that in mind, there is a community driver for the Livarno light strip. So maybe there is some open API. But I'm not deep enough into this topic to give any qualified answer to this topic. :wink:

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Hi, are you in the UK. I've never noticed smart bulbs in Aldi. For the record I have the Lidl LivarnonLux bulbs and they work as expected @Vincent_The_Staat

Hey there! I live in Germany. There you can find some smart home stuff from Aldi (mostly bulbs). I also have one Livarno Lux - RGBW- Bulb, but unfortunately it only works as a CT bulb, using the Generic Zigbee CT-Bulb-Driver.

Hi Vincent. I also have RGBW LivarnonLux and they work in colour mode. They take a bit of messing around but you'll get them to work. Use this driver

Yeah, I got this driver. For some reason, it is not working...

Edit: Works, nice!

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