Alarm Trigger turn lights on

I am struggling, as a new HE owner, to get the lights to turn on when alarm is triggered, then stay on once the alarm is disarmed. Here is what i am trying to accomplish - 2-story house, when Safety Monitor (alarm) reports intrusion, activate all of the first floor lighting to on, 100%. i have been able to accomplish this with a simple triggered rule in RM, but when i disarm (to stop siren), the lights then shut off. I created a virtual button to activate the lights because using the SM option to turn on lights upon intrusion would also shut the lights back off when disarmed. My thoughts were that if i created a simple triggered rule, that the lights would be set to on and would stay, even if SM was disarmed, because i do not have any other rule to turn the lights off. Is there something i am not doing right, or could there simply be an option added for a selector in safety monitor to allow the lights to stay on after disarm?

This should be pretty easy to do. You can create a RM trigger for when HSM Alert becomes intrusion and set the action to turn on the lights you want. No lights will turn off because you haven't set the rule to do that. Check if you hadn't made any changes within HSM that turns the lights on for an alert and off when disabled.

I do not have any lighting control in the SM app, only audio. I tried using SM to run the lights, but learned that it would turn the lights off at disarm, so I removed that part from SM and created a virtual samsung zigbee button, set that up in button manager to turn on the lights, and then created the rule to push the button on an intrusion. I will say, that when armed night, the intrusion event does not trigger the light, I have to use intrusion-night. With this setup, it turns lights on on trigger, but they also shut off on disarm.

A Virtual Zigbee button? I'm confused. You can't have a virtual zigbee can just have a virtual button. HSM will only turn the lights off at disarm if it turned them on at Alarm. Actually, HSM returns the lights to the state they were in when the alarm goes off. It will not always turn off your lights when it is disarmed.

Yeah, you would need to use rule machine to detect the disarm and turn the lights off. But that is going to do it every time it is disarmed, just like you don't want. I think that if you try it in HSM you would actually find that it works the way you want.

In the devices, it allowed me to add what was called a Samsung Zigbee button as virtual device. The Home Monitor sending intrusion turns the lights on, but i don't want them to turn off. Is there a way to do this?

Yeah, you want to select just "virtual button", not a Samsung Zigbee button. That driver is for an actual device.

Ok, switched to just virtual, but still works the same. How do i prevent the lights from turning off when the alerts are cancelled? I need the lights to remain on after the HM has been disarmed.

Do you mean HSM? If so, you can't do that from HSM. You would have to write a rule for that. But the lights don't go off after an alert. They return to whatever state they were at when the alarm was triggered.

I discovered this - I had originally setup lights under HM to turn on, then they would shut off on disarm from intrusion. I removed them from HM settings, and created a triggered rule, and they were still shutting off on disarm. I added new lights to the rule, and they would stay on, but the lights that were originally controlled under HM were still turning off. I then removed the original lights from the system, and then re-discovered them, added them to my rule, and now things work as i had intended. It appears that HM did not want to let go of the lights and was still controlling them enough to shut them off after disarming from an intrusion detection.

That makes no sense whatsoever. But if it's working it's working.