Alarm/New Build/HSM/Noonlight/Konnected


Correct. Example - 7 windows in a row - wire in series as 1 contact, as I could care less which one of the 7 is open.


I did wireless primarily for smart home integration since I have a brick house and it would be an impractical amount of work to get wires to every window, especially those which I'm only really adding a sensor for smart home use (e.g. second floor bathroom window). I paid about $2/ea for my wireless contacts. But fear not, I have wired contacts in the basement and at the main entrances, and have or am installing wired PIRs throughout the first floor and basement in unpredictable locations (because they're cheap, so I'll install a few extras!). So, there's decent redundancy if someone still knows that you can jamb the wireless contacts :slight_smile: this is why for my average 2000 sq ft house, I have around 30 zones. Ultimately half are for security, and all of those are wired or have some level of redundancy. I mean look, if I'm away, all it does is make loud noises, turn on lights, and send me a text. My cameras will do the same. If I'm home, it'll just wake me up in time to do what I need to do.

Short of boarding up the windows, wireless sensors aren't much worse than wired, and aren't much better than nothing at all.


Some are very passionate about having a dedicated built-for-purpose security system as a life-saving issue. I am not in that situation. We turned off and unplugged our alarm system over a decade ago. I replaced the panel with Konnected about half a year ago, and it has been a very different experience.

I am also not all-in on home automation. I was fully-automated in college. I am a computer engineer and had X10 (late 90s) fully integrated with Linux computer controls and secure web access, and do talk about it wistfully, but that was for fun. With a family, we have not gone down that path in a visible way.

I enjoy that Hubitat can take care of a great deal of security automation very transparently, and is way more sophisticated than my old alarm panel, but it takes a bit of work to harden it for reliability. It’s not the daily reliability—that has been great. I worry instead about conditions such as Internet connectivity loss and power outages. Battery backups are not hard, but Internet redundancy and backup hardware can be challenging.

With reliability concerns in check, I have a reliable and local security system with contact and visual intrusion detection. Internal cameras are off when we are home. Blue Iris integration for active camera profiles and motion events has been solid. I only use Z-Wave sensors for non-critical info, and I have only had one missed event in this time (but it does happen).

I have customized the escalation on intrusion detection to something I am very comfortable with. There are good options for traditional monitoring and personal notifications. I cannot speak highly enough about this. I can highly recommend Konnected in stand-alone mode, but I hope that the parallel mode will give you the comfort that you seek.