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Hi All, i'm using hsm to monitor the sensors in my garage I've got it so that a button in there arms the hsm rule and beeps the siren to let me know its arming. However I cant seem to get my head round how to have a delay on the hsm rule which will give me time to turn it off but at the same time beep my siren so i know its about to go off and needs turning off before it activates the alarm. What's the best way to do this?

Within the HSM app, going to the “Configure Arming/Disarming/Cancel Options” screen will provide you with options to delay the alarm:

You can create a rule in Rule Machine that will trigger on Intrusion delay. Such a rule could be setup to beep your siren for the same amount of time as the delay identified in the HSM configuration.

Would this give you what you are looking for?

Not really as it only works with arming the main alarm by the looks of things and not arming a specific rule. Any other ideas?

If I understand this, you want to monitor the garage area as an independent zone using an HSM rule, and arm the zone with a delay using a button. I don't believe this can be done directly using only HSM.

I did something similar using RM using a virtual contact sensor that is monitored by HSM and set only when the HSM status is Disarmed. All garage sensors are HSM monitored when the system is armed.

You will likely need a second RM to sound the siren, and delay arming the rule with the button.


In HSM rule

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