Trying this again. I'm getting the following error when using Manager with Hubitat:

errorADC ERROR (setSystemStatus): org.apache.http.ConnectionClosedException: Premature end of Content-Length delimited message body (expected: 1,183; received: 0)

Does anyone know how I can get resolve this error message? I downloaded the latest version from Hubitat Package Manager and even tried to delete the app and start again. Received a message that it could not create child devices (even though it did), but I still get the above message.

I'd reach out to the author of that integration and ask them. The error when creating a child is a bug in the integration, the error you listed above looks like didn't respond with any data (without looking at the code).

Dumb question -- how do I reach out to the author?

@marktheknife brought the author’s thread for their integration to your attention once earlier.

Here’s a link to @marktheknife’s post.


Yeah...., I had posted my issue on that thread to no avail. Oh well.... Thanks for your help.

You can try contacting the author via GitHub. They have been active on that platform more recently than they have been active here.