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If this is not allowed, please let me know.
Looking for help; hoping someone else is using, needs this, and knows how to code.

I am NOT a coder by any means. I really know NOTHING about it. In ST, I copied a lot of people's apps through Github and I copied some webCore pistons and "customized" them.

One of the wife's favorite things about ST was the fact that using the ST presence, it automagically armed the based home alarm when we left. I accomplished this using schwark's (ST) custom app. Located here:

I've tried to "change" the code based on the necessary changes to work in HE I found on the forums. No luck. I can't get it to even save - I know it's because I have no idea what I'm doing.

Any chance anyone wants (or maybe needs) to help out?

Edit to add:
This is what I was using to try to convert:
but it's all Greek to me!

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I would also love that capability.

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appreciate if anyone has an updated app that they can share for ADC to work in HE

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At this point, this and presence (for two daughters who don't live with me full time) are the only reasons I still have SmartThings plugged in...

Hey Michael what presence sensors are you using that require Samsung smartthings? I was able to get my Samsung brand arrival sensor to connect properly after altering some settings

Is not because the presence sensors, is because the app for is not ported to HE, so he uses ST for that app and the presence sensor to change the status of that app. He can use otherhub app and pair the presence sensors to HE and use them in ST the same way, no ST hub needed, but probably nobody told him how to do it. I had but I changed to ring alarm. By the way, ST presence sensors work perfect in HE, in ST if the internet connection is lost the presence will change to not present if they are present, then when the internet is restored the presence changes to present, this doesn't happen with HE.

I would also love that capability.

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I just wanted to bring this topic back from the dead. At this point, this is now the ONLY reason I still have my ST hub. Any chance of anyone having any luck with this?


This is also the last function I have on my ST hub. I would love to find someone who has implemented in He.

Is this still dead? I would love this too. I have a 2gig panel with a bunch of Wireless 345MHz door and window sensors. I could abandon entirely if I could adopt my GC3 panel and my sensors. Any help?

Reviving this thread. So I picked up a hubitat a week or so ago, and was annoyed at the lack of an integration. So, I wrote one. :slight_smile: It's still very much under development, but should be ready for some use by others.

A few notes:

  • This is my first HE app, so go easy on me
  • I've only tested with my own ADC panel
  • I have NOT tested arm away (still under quarantine with the kids at home, ha... But in theory should work the same as arm stay)

Feedback or suggestions welcome!

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Thank you -- so far it works. Appreciate you doing this...

You're welcome, and glad it's working for you.

Thanks. Works great at my house.

I have a Frontpoint system. The app on my phone works great with the system. I installed the Alarm ADC app and driver on my HE. Switches change color on my dashboard when clicked, but no change happens on my system. Has anyone had success with a Frontpoint system?

I believe FrontPoint uses the same system as my alarm system (Qolsys IQ 2). If so, it works fine on my system.

I don't have any experience with Frontpoint, but are you able to use itself? (The actual website) I had to reverse engineer their APIs using the web interface, so if you're using a different web frontend what I wrote won't work.

Could you post of PM your debug logs to me so I could look further?

I was wondering if this was possible, and it looks like it is.. wonderful code. I can read and understand most of it. I noticed in the GitHub forum, one of the "to-do's" is to encrypt the passwords. Has there been any headway on this? I would love to use this to integrate ADC with HE but am a little OCD about security. The script appears to have the user/pass saved in open text within HE. I was just wondering if anyone else that is currently using this has any reservations about that or am I just being overly cautious about open text user/pass to your home security system being stored without encrypting it? To the dev that created this script please don't take my question as an insult in any way. I think you did a fantastic job writing this, and I would love to use it, and/or help test the encryption if you are actively working on it. Thank you for all you have done and are doing!

@steelz1 I do plan on getting to password encryption, I need to learn how HE handles form processing in order to make this update... Though I don't imagine that will be too difficult. I'm also pretty paranoid about application security, and don't really like that a password field isn't natively encrypted. But that being said, since the HE is a local device and your settings aren't stored in "the cloud", it's a fairly low-risk concern imo.

You aren't wrong, if security at home is good, then the concern is low, but there's always room for a hacker to break in to a device connected to a network. I did however think of one thing to mitigate the security, I created a new ADC account strictly for Hubitat that is only allowed to use the web APi and arm stay, arm away, and disarm, and use the Scenes, but not make any changes to the APi, so in the unlikely event that the HE is compromised and the user/pass is obtained, the user has limited access AND i have a ADC notification rule setup to tell me when the user account is used. Doing this made me feel a little bit better, so i'm gonna see if i can't get this to work on my HE. :grin: As I stated earlier, i'm happy to help test if you need a tester.. Thank you again for you exceptional work, oh and i'm totally following (or as they say on github, "watching") your github!

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