Alarm clocks with API?

This morning was my first morning waking up with something similar to what SleepCycle offers, or like the old gentle wakeup used to offer on SmartThings, in a long time.

For people that are not me in our house, I’m wondering if anyone has an alarm clock—the requirement for this is that it’s something physical—that has an API of some sort where I could read the set time for an alarm, and then gently fade up the lights 30 minutes up to that point.

Anyone know of anything like that?

I use tasker and autapps to do this. Tasker checks my calendar and if it says work it sets the alarm on my phone and then sends a get request to hubitattjat kicks off a virtual switch.

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That’s a good idea. I might use that in my personal setup.

I’m looking for something in our guest room, as well. That one will need a physical alarm clock. Any thoughts there? :slight_smile:

Google does not seem to provide many good options other than diy.

Perhaps consider one of the best buy insignia Google home devices? It has a clock and you can cast anything to including an alarm sound?

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You can't execute routines from the Insignia devices. The alarm settings don't transfer anywhere else so there's nothing for HE to respond to. I have one in my bedroom.

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I think I’ll end up taking a normal alarm clock with a piezo speaker and remove the speaker, but measure contact/power across that circuit. Not sure what that looks like, yet, but I really want to make this an option for our guests.