Aladdin Connect door (working but not available to Rules)

I have an Aladdin Connect garage door. Using the drivers from @tomw I was able to add the door. It shows up as a device. Now I can manually (from within the device panel itself) open and close the door with by clicking the "open" and "close" command buttons, woohoo!

I have since then purchased a Sonoff SNZB-01 button. I tested and am able to use it and write a "Basic Rule" to make it toggle off/on one of my lights. [this was my test case]

HOWEVER, what I want to do is to have it activate my Aladdin Connect device. My problem is that the Aladdin Connect device does not show up as a choice (like other bulbs and devices) when building a "Basic Rule". What do I need to do to the Aladdin Connect device to make it accessible to the button/Rule. I'm sure it is something simple, but I can't figure it out and have been trying and searching. Thanks!

Hi @momo2000, You can't control garage doors or issue custom commands in Basic Rule, so you'll have to use Rule Machine instead. It is pretty straightforward once you get started.

Hey @bobbyD, will you please re-open this thread so we can keep the discussion in one place? I just recategorized it to the Custom Apps and Drivers section.

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Thanks @tomw. I figured it was something like that that I was missing. I've used RM in the past so should be able to get that going. I'll try that tonight, and report back. Thanks so much for the repy!

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Thanks @tomw finally got to it today and now have it working! Thanks so much!

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@tomw. I have been getting an error quite frequently on this driver. Everything seems to work ok, but wondering what is going on. Here is the error.

dev:27872023-01-10 12:06:57.387 Read timed out on line 481 (method refresh)

Has it been happening consistently for a while, or is that a new problem? Can you correlate when you started seeing it with any changes on your system (like Hubitat software update, firmware update on your opener, changes to your home network or internet connection, etc)?

It seems like an Aladdin server-side issue, because the timeout means you were able to connect to and authenticate with their servers but the read of info just didn't complete for some reason. If it was a fail to connect in the first place, I would suspect something more fundamental like a connection issue possibly closer to home.

Please let me know if there are any other clues about when it started happening or when it happens relative to other network events (if it is intermittent), and maybe we can try to come up with some other theories from there.

Also calling in the cavalry -- @craigspree or others that use this driver, have you seen any of this sort of reporting in your Logs?

Also, @bobbyD, can we re-open this thread to keep the discussion about features and debugging in one place? Is it possible to use RM4 to control/report on my Genie Aladdin Garage (based on Postman success)? - #6 by tomw

I have only been using this for about 6 months. The first time the error showed up was mid December. Happens about every 3 to 4 days since then. And it occurs at random times so not related to any particular time of day. Can't really say if it relates to any HE updates as I usually keep it up to date and don't really keep track of when I did an update. There has been no other network errors that I am aware of. My router doesn't show any internet outages, but not sure that means anything.

Everything seems to work ok, although admittedly I don't use it that often, so that really doesn't mean much either.

So no biggy, but just wondering more than anything.

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Cool, all makes sense. Thanks for confirming that it has been happening sporadically for at least a little while, since that rules out any of the most recent Hubitat software updates.

I'll be interested to see if anyone else is seeing this in their Logs and especially if it is frequent enough for anyone such that it causes any noticeable issues (door states wrong, door operations failing, or the like).

No errors in logs here.

Of note, I went to the parent device page and under commStatus it said ‘error’. Hitting refresh did nothing. Hitting config got the commStatus back to good.

I have debug logging off. Again no errors in the log.

I attribute the error in commStatus as something that maybe happened over the past few firmware updates for the Hub, and the ‘configure’ button being pushed just bounced everything back to proper reporting.

This device driver has been working so well that I haven’t checked the device page in several months.

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I have been using the driver since late Nov 2022 (thanks to help from the group here). It has worked flawlessly, so I was surprised to find similar errors in my log of the parent device (first one on 12/18/22, most recent on 1/6/23). The most recent one on 1/6 is slightly different, but since it mentions "line 481" I have included below:

dev:682023-01-06 10:55:58.351 Temporary failure in name resolution on line 481 (method refresh)
dev:682023-01-04 01:06:38.599 Read timed out on line 481 (method refresh)
dev:682022-12-26 01:03:09.424 Read timed out on line 481 (method refresh)
dev:682022-12-25 01:03:10.313 Read timed out on line 481 (method refresh)
dev:682022-12-24 01:02:42.645 Read timed out on line 481 (method refresh)
dev:682022-12-18 12:04:11.746 Read timed out on line 481 (method refresh)

Thank you for sharing those logs.

The UnknownHostException on 01/06 does indeed look like a different symptom, even though it mentions the same line in the code. That error would typically result due to a temporary disruption of the connection on your home internet side. It's specifically a DNS resolution failure, which means your computer didn't know how to route to that server by its name.

The other errors are the same as others saw, and they're perhaps consistent with an intermittent failure on the server side (Aladdin connect servers themselves). Could be either a hiccup by their hosting provider or a problem with their application itself. It's interesting that they were clustered around 12/25 to a certain extent.

Regardless, this seems pretty rare and intermittent, so I'm not overly concerned unless people start seeing things not work reliably.

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