AjaxOnline Zigbee Products

Got some new devices, though Id share the findings with you guys. Nice products from Ajaxonline.

Smart Vibrartion Sensor - R7081

This device is a Tuya / Smartlife Zigbee device. It works with the Konke motion Sensor Driver , but its a bit unpolshed. Ohla labs could spruce this up.

Smart Water Leak Sensor - R7050

Seems to like the Aqara Water Leak Sensor driver.

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Smart Wireless Quick Button - R7053

Uses Tuya Zigbee Scene Switch driver. My new favourite button.
Not as quality feeling like the aqara buttons, but was better than the Sonnoff. Best driver and gets found very quickly.

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I might wait till they're selling via Amazon or something. It's too annoying that they force you to set up an account in order to buy anything. I'd like to try one of their vibration sensors eventually.

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They do sell on Amazon.

Ah yes some of their stuff is there! I don't see a vibration sensor on Amazon though, which is the one I particularly wanted.

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