Airbnk M500 lock (Tuya)

Just received Airbnk M500 lock (Tuya based), it’s a zigbee device which can be added to HE, but I can’t control it, I tried every available system driver, is there any community driver that works with it?!

@B777 as I already wrote in another thread, there is no HE custom driver that supports Tuya locks and there are no known plans to have such. It is almost impossible to reverse engineer the proprietary encryption that Tuya uses with these locks. I am regularly monitoring other home automation forums and there is no solution at this moment.

You can check an (incomplete) list of community drivers here: Custom Device Drivers (Wiki)


Is there’s any recommended EU cylinder zigbee lock that’s compatible with HE.

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I would be also interested to hear about other experiences with smart locks that are available in EU.

My home locks are the last part of the automation that I have not completed yet,

I’m currently looking at the August smart lock that should work with the Danalock Length Adjustable Cylinder.