Air Quality from AirNow by CSteele

Apologies if this belongs elsewhere - I implemented this virtual driver by @csteele - in the driver there is text based string 'color - category'
The AQI table I find looks like this:

As it is a 6x6 array (count AQI low/high as two) would it be possible to expand this driver to provide all columns separately?
I'm attempting to integrate 2 apps - Tile Builder and HD+ and want to colorize the resultant tile without need to write a parser for the returned text string. I realize it's not to much work for me to do, but I hope it would expand this excellent driver and provide a bit more zing to the results!
The other idea was to just pop one more attribute - category number. Then from it I can build out. If there is a different or better AirNow tile app, please let me know and I'll go there.

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