Ah the Z-Wave Discovery mystery

I have a mystery device which I'm quite used to solving or tracking down.
This ones a bit stumpy.
I don't have an 0x25 (probably due to it's pending Discover state) but it routes through 0xDE. All my devices top out at 0x60.

0x25	OK		40kbps	unknown	0.00 ms	unknown	36	0	0	None	-> 0x5B -> 0xDE -> 0x59 -> 0x25

Is it possible it's a ghost of the last zwave device you added?

Possible for sure but it was the 0xDE that confused me; I have no addresses anywhere in that range.

Could be. I've tried all the VooDoo but it refused to go. It certainly was alive at sometime even though it was routing through a non-existant device.
Might explain my delays I have been having with lights turning on.

If the ghost device's corporeal counterpart is still connected to power that could prevent you from deleting the ghost... perhaps the zwave stick method?

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Very very likely.

Like Radar O'Reilly? You probably meant corporeal. :ghost:

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Gasp. I am usually the first one to correct someone else. Thank you for catching that.

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I thought it was pretty LOL. I took me a minute to try and figure out what a counterpart to corporal is. Would that be sergeant, private, or what??? :smiley: