Agoal Sonoff switch

Anyone have experience with these 'generic' Sonoff and have them working with hubitat?

I have 10 Sonoff Basics running here with this driver:

They work flawlessly for me.

For that driver you have to flash the tasmota firmware. I don't believe that anyone has an integration that doesn't rely on custom firmware of some kind.

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True. I agree, I don't think there is any either. But, flashing Tasmota is so dead simple now, I can't see why anyone wouldn't do it. :slight_smile:

Stock tasmota will not get local changes synced with Hubitat without a polling process in place. There is a custom firmware that has implemented a reporting feature that does update instantly to Hubitat for local changes to the device.

If you have all the parts to do it (soldering iron, header pins, header wires, USB-UART adapter). If you're not an adruino diyer buying all the extra stuff necessary makes the Sonoff's a pretty expensive option. If you've got all the necessary accessories it's really easy, I agree. Just didn't want the OP thinking it was as easy as plugging in a micro-usb cable or something.

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Huh, my Sonoffs with Tasmota update automatically with the driver I posted. It has polling built into it.

Not with the Sonoff Basic R3 (and other R3 Sonoffs). Starting with stock firmware 3.10 and higher (which you can get by just setting up the Sonoff first with eweLink and updating the firmware), you can now flash Tasmota OTA without having to solder header pins or anything. All you need to do is adjust a jumper and it puts the R3 into DIY mode.

With all that said, I don't know if the OP's Sonoffs is the R3 version or not, but I believe that most manufactures are starting to carry the R3 versions.

only one of the top 10 results on Amazon US are for the R3. All the rest are for R2's.

Really? I had read that most of the 3rd party manufactures were jumping on the R3 bandwagon at Sonoff's request. Huh... Can't argue against the search results.

Maybe that's what they're making now but they still have all their old stock to sell first.

But that is still not instant reporting and it bogs down your network. @ericm has firmware that uses the port 39501 HTTP port to provide an instant report on status when the sonoff changes locally with no polling required.

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Yeah, I saw that. The question is... Do I want to go around re-flashing old R1/R2 Sonoffs to save the network traffic? LOL

If they're already Tasmatized, you can update them OTA. However, you do have to flash the minimum firmware first to make enough room for the full firmware. That said, whenever I've done that I've always bricked at least one Sonoff and had to go pull it down. I haven't gone through the trouble to make an in-wall Sonoffs though so it's not THAT big a deal when I've had to pull them apart. So, I guess it depends on whether you're seeing any network slowdowns. I can say that having only consumer grade network hardware, I went though and tried to eliminate as much polling as possible on my home network and I have seen an increase in speed. Probably not due to RF interference but just a reduction of the workload on my router. It's possible it's just the placebo effect too but as long as it feels faster, right? :wink:

Yeah, all my Sonoffs are on Tasmota, so I can OTA them, but honestly, those basics have been rock solid for ages now, I just haven't seen the need. I use UniFi equipment, so the network hit isn't that much.

My wife wanted me to do a few of them as in-wall units and so far I've defied her requests because, well, I'm lazy in my old age now. LOL

The very basis of scientific fact, imho. It if feels faster, it's faster. LOL

Sounds like something I would do. :wink: In seriousness though, even if I didn't want to optimize network traffic for my current devices, I would likely do it for future devices. I'm going to flash Tasmota anyway so why not.


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