Aging C-4

I have two active hubs at the moment... A C-8 running most of my devices, and a C-4 running network-based integrations and a few Zigbee devices I thought deserved to be on their own network.

On the C-4, I've occasionally had it go unresponsive and need to be power cycled, once while I was out of town. I've also occasionally had it say the Zigbee network is offline, and stay that way until I rebooted it.

This afternoon, I checked it and found that it said it was under severe load and the Zigbee network was off, but none of the counters showed a high amount of time for anything... and when I rebooted it, it failed to come back up until I pulled the plug.

I'm nervous that the hub is showing its age and impending failure, but I'm not sure how best to quantify that beyond being nervous. I've got Hubitat Protect on it. At what point does HP kick in -- do I need to wait until it gives up the ghost?

Yes. I would recommend a soft reset if you haven’t done one already.

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