After Migrating from C5 hub to C7 Hub zigbee devices not working

Migrated fromC5 to C7 and zigbee devices do not work.
I followed the manual by discover devices but none where found.
All zigbee devices are shown on the zegbee device page. Anyone know what to try next?


If the devices are listed on your C7 hub just re-pair them.
DO NOT delete them first.
If you just re-pair them they should be discovered as an existing device and work OK.

I did. Clicked on device discovery and then clicked on start zigbee pairing. Nothing was found.

I might be mistaken but i don't think Zigbee devices migrate.

Did you load the backup from your C5 to your C7?
If so, all devices will be in the backup and then defined on the C7 hub. You can then re-pair them.

Are you using the migration service? If so, you had better get in touch with support if the migration is failing.

I think you need to put the device in pairing mode.


Yes I migrated from my C5 to My C7.
zwave works fine but the zigbee motion sensors do not work.
The zigbee devices are showing up on the zigbee detail page.
I've tried 3 times now to discover the zigbee devices.

Did you put the hub in zigbee discovery mode and then put the device you are trying to pair in pairing mode?

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  • Cloud backup and restore for apps, settings and devices
  • Hub-to-hub Z-Wave device migration
  • Extended warranty for duration of subscription period

From hub protect ad I figured just zwave would migrate, they say nothing about Zigbee. It's good to know there's a trick for ZIgbee??
Edit: Oh In the document page it talks about Zigbee this is good to know.

Ok i understand. I have to go to every zigbee device and repair each device.
Thanks for your help


Step 11

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