After installing Back-up file, all SL and RM rules that have a set time to run, didn't

Last night about 2 a.m. I was having some issues with Group & Scenes (know issue with Motion Lighting App) so I reinstalled a Back-up from the day before. Got the notification from HE app that the Back-up installed fine and I went on to bed.

This after noon I happen to noticed that all of our outside lighting as well as some of our insight (night lights) never turned off?

Looking at each of the (gear icon) Rules setup up in Simple Lighting and Rule Machine, I notice there was no "Schedule Jobs" set up to run for any of the them. I'm not talking about "after sunset" or "after midnight" timed events.
The only way I was able to get them working again, was to go into each Rule and click on "Done" then looking back into the (gear icon) Rule then I would that the "Schedule Jobs" info populate showing the schedule time to run.

( This is what I basically saw for each of the timed Rules in SL and RM )

( Then I would go into each Rule and click on "Done". )

( Then I would notice that the "Schedule Jobs" information would now show up. )

I don't ever recall having to do that before when I reinstalled a back-up, I believe this was only my 2nd time having install a back-up file.

I'm not a 100% sure, but I believe I had 5 to 7 Rules altogether in both SL and RM that once I click on Done in the Rule. That the "Schedule Jobs" went from showing nothing to fully listing the correct info for the job.

It took mine a day for sunrise sunset and some other schedules to start working after I restored the DB.

There is no good way for the restore process to know the schedules that might be right or wrong when a backup is restored. Schedules are created on the fly in apps, and there may not be a meaningful relationship between what existed at the time the backup is made, and the time of restoration.

What you can do is keep track of specific apps that have schedules that may need to be updated after a restore. Of particular note are times that are offsets from sunrise or sunset. In contrast, times at sunrise or sunset will be fine. To update the schedules for an app just open the app and hit Done. That will re-establish the schedules based on the present time.


Thanks, that explains things, I think I'll change mine to sunset/sunrise instead of 10-15 minutes either side just to simplify things, not that I've experienced this often as I've only restored once in the last year.

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