After an extended power outage, Hub is recognised and listed but it will not connect, attempted on multiple devices & multiple browsers

After an about an 8 hour power outage with the power blinking on and off several times, the hub is recognized and listed but will not connect. When clicking to connect it will not, I have attempted on multiple devices, two desktops and smartphone & by using three different browsers. The trouble shooting result state that the device at the Hubs assigned IP address is not responding ERR_connection timed out. Nothing the hub controls will work. Other than the power outage, there have been no other changes to the network or in the settings.

Do a network reset by pokiing the square hole on the bottom of the hub. See this article.


I thought that would work but it did not. The IP address changed but it will not connect.

Go to yourhubip:8081 then restore from the last backup. Likely your database is corrupted


What @rlithgow1 said.

As a suggestion, most of us keep our hubs on a UPS. I also use an automation that if power is lost and not restored within 1 hour, I run scripts that shutdown both my Hubitats as well as other HA hubs that I use.


There are small battery UPSes that will last more than 8 hours.

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Thank You everyone for the assistance, I finally have everything working again. I am not exactly sure what worked because I did several different things or a combination of all. I do have it on a UPS but it did not last long enough. I will see if I can set up an automation to shut it down sooner. Again, Thanks for your assistance!


I have a ring v2 extender. These are great repeaters but more importantly they have a battery in them for backup. They will switch from mains to battery and back in attributes. I have a shutdown rule that if that goes to battery for more than 20 mins, shut down hub. This will likely change though with the new battery backup I'm waiting for.

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