Aeotek Siren 6 - Keeps freezing with a static sound?

I opened a support ticket with Aeotek, but figured I'd ask here first since someone here may have had this issue.

I bought my Siren 6 in November. Worked find for a few months. Recently, I noticed my Siren stopped working. If I unplug and drain the battery, then recharge, it'll work for a few hours. But eventually the light stays on solid and is no longer making siren noises or connecting to my hub. In addition if I place my ear near the device, it is continuously putting out a static white noise sound.

Any idea what may cause this?

Could the rechargeable battery not be supplying enough voltage? I have seen devices that are very picky about that and will stop working if the voltage is too low.

Rechargeable batteries typically have a lower voltage than their non-rechargeable siblings. Some newer rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are able to output the required 1.5V and will resolve this issue.

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So you think a battery swap may do the trick?

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And would that also be the case with it freezing like this when plugged in?

I did snip the battery wires inside to just test the DC power direct and that seemed to be ok in me testing a few hours.

Are you saying it is okay or freezing when plugged in? I would think that this might be a different problem if it is getting constant power and still freezing.

With constant power and battery connected it freezes. I need to unplug and either clip the battery wires, or let it drain, for it to lose all power.

Well then Iā€™m stumped.

The siren doesn't need the battery to work.
I have mine working for a few months, but it always has no power when unplugged which I didn't care as I used it powered.
Finally, it didn't make sound anymore. It didn't freeze, all commands work and I could see status was playing the sound but just no sound. I opened it up and see one battery wire was not connected. I bought it open box so might be someone cut it or never connected.


Just wanted to give a shout-out to the Aeotek customer support. I reached out to them and they were very responsive. They are aware of the issue in some units and since I purchased recently, were able to provide a replacement.

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