Aeotec zwave extenders on sale at Amazon UK

£25 down from £34

Did you have luck with these? i have 4 of them and they seem to be on of the weakest links in my z-wave network... What device type did you use?

Thank you in advance

I have 4 Ring Wave extenders and 4 Aeotec Extenders.

I can make NO sense at all about the extenders or zwave at all.

I have zwave socket that instead of connecting to the Hubitat hub sat 8 feet from it it decides to connect to the opposite side of the house to a zwave socket which as far as it can from it that connects to another zwave socket that bounces back to a socket 20 feet and three walls away from the Hubitat.

the zwave devices seem to be working on an algorithm that requires them to connect to the weakest signal and absolutely avoid closer stronger signals.

Then complain about poor connectivity.

On my prior system the same zwave devices were solid and reliable, so not too sure how/why there are issues.

I do see a couple of zwave devices that connect through and Aeotec extender - which are both connecting directly to the hub, but the device connects through an extender to another Aeotec extender to get back to the hub.

As I said zwave is using witchcraft to determine routing.